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The first AI app that fixes your grammar and spelling without the need for an internet connection or subscriptions.

  Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3
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How it works


Download the AI model


Set up your favorite hotkey


Start improving your English

Check your grammar before

Sending an Email

Posting to Linkedin

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Sending a text


Pay once, use forever

Personal license


Lifetime usage

AI model included

1 year of updates

Email support


How does GrammarBot work?
GrammarBot works with a local LLM (large language model), these are AI models that understand and generate natural language. It's like having a free ChatGPT on your laptop.
Do I need to be connected to the internet?
No, once you download the AI model, you don't need the internet to use GrammarBot. Everything is done locally on your device.
Do you see what I'm typing or checking for errors on GrammarBot?
No, none of the typed or checked text leaves your laptop.
What is the size of the AI model?
It's around 4GB.
How much RAM do I need to run GrammarBot?
8GB or above of RAM is good to run GrammarBot. More RAM, faster replies.
Is GrammarBot compatible with Windows or Linux?
Not yet. For now, it's only available for MacOS computers with M1/M2/M3 chips. Subscribe at the bottom of this page if you want to be notified when it will be ready for Windows/Linux.
I downloaded the app, bought the license, downloaded the AI model, but it's not working on my laptop. What can I do?
Send me an email at support@grammarbot.app, and I'll help you. If we can't make it work, I can process a refund for you.

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